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PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:27 pm 

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Much has been written about our cars, and it continues as they approach their 18th year. Many were sold to appreciative buyers who, having experienced the 90's, wanted a small slice of motoringt enigma on their driveway. Who on earth wouldn't appreciate the motorsport look of a lithe, lightweight Lotus coupe, that for all intents and purposes looked stunning and very purposeful. Despite all that, Lotus struggled to move the last cars on, reducing their price by around 10%, but I'd appreciated confirmation of WHEN sales got tough (i.e. how MANY had sold before sales tailed off?).

Values for our cars have fluctuated from their purchase price of around £34,000, to a huge fall to around £14,000 in 2004/5, coming up to £32,000 in January 2017, to advertised prices of £62,000 in July 2017 (currently). Some have said (Lotus owners specifically) that "They won't ever realistically sell for more than their purchase price when new", but as inflation moves on and therefore the value of £1000 diminishes with the passing of the years, £34,000 was more in 2000 than it is now in 2017. Equally, an early (relatively humdrum) RS Escort is magnificently more valuable than its VERY humble origins, most likely due to supply, demand, nostalgia and buying capacity.

Some of you will be aware that I took advantage of the market earlier this year, when I advertised my car (No.077) for sale, asking £39,500. Despite the naysayers on SELOC saying it was overvalued, you're dreaming, at least the wife knows you've put it on the market etc, I had 2 genuinely interested parties. There were NO other S1 Exiges for sale in the World at the time. Had I not withdrawn the car from sale, I realistically could have achieved £38,000 for my car. I withdrew because my wife reminded me of how much I enjoyed spending time in the garage looking at, or after, my Exige.

As part of the naysayers comments about my car, they said it had had too many owners, had done too many miles, had a sketchy service history and was the wrong colour. As part of my healing process, and having learned more from other S1 Exige owners at last weekends Midlands Lotus Owners Club (MLOC) Lotus in The Peak (LiTP) event, I'd really be intrigued to know more details about your cars. This is mostly about recording the information for this particular moment in time, but more to do with how those factors affect subsequent value and sale price. I don't thing there are many cars (of ANY manufacturer) out there with one owner from new, a full manufacturer service history, and more importantly, is that actually relevant? Going high end for a while, would Ford GT40 owners knock a car that had been hiding in a barn for 50 years, given that it didn't have FSH? I think not!

So, just so we can have a snapshot in time, would you be able to share information with the rest of us? Specifically I'm asking for Chassis Number, Mileage, Number of owners and when you bought your car. This information will be very interesting to look back upon in years to come and how values are reflected, so lets get this information out there. I'll start:

Chassis Number: 077
Mileage: 43,000
Owners: 7
Bought: 2011

Thanks for your participation, and please go easy on my slurred ramblings.


PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:48 am 

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Good idea, I really appreciate it to document the life of every single car. The thing is I don't believe that a single forum thread is the appropriate medium to handle it.
There are already one or two registry style threads covering this topic. They not seem to work somehow. The reason is that they suffer from the fact that a single thread is used to handle what in fact are multiple topics: the life of every single car.

So from my point of view we either need a specific web application that handles the task of documenting the life of every chassis number.
Unfortunately implementing and running such a site is a lot of work and need skilled volunteers to keep it running.

Or there might be an 'el-cheapo' solution to achieve a better documentation of the cars. We could use the means given by the existing forum architecture.
We could introduce a new sub section called 'Exige S1 registry' and add a new thread for each chassis number. The title of each thread could be the chassis number itself like '077' in your case. First post could be something like a brief description of the car. Every owner would than be able to add posts to the thread. But also other person could add information if they know something about a specific car (like being for sale, scrapped, etc.).

What do you think?

Anyway I add the details of my car here:

Chassis Number: 80467
Steering: RHD
Colour: chrome orange
Engine: VHPD
Mileage: 44,000
Owners: 5
Bought: 2016

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:59 pm 

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My car the yellow S1 was also at Ltip, parked a few spaces away from you. We left quite early as we had tickets for the nearby music festival and only live over the hill from Kedleston.

As for Seloc, I mostly ignore them and never post as they have too many keyboard warriors. So what if they think S1 Exiges are over priced? Someone was quite keen on making an offer for my car at Ltip but I was really not interested, you don't get that unless the car is special. There is no need to defend prices with Seloc, just see what you can get when/if you try to sell, which for me is when I can nolonger get in the thing or I have nowhere to keep it.

My car
Yellow, the best colour, all options from new.
3 owners inc me and Jabbs from on here. 1st owner was on her as well.
25000 miles
All original except a Nitrons and verniers (konis are in the cupboard).
Has it got a FLSH? No, some years it had only done 500 miles, it's 16 years old and on 25k miles
Next planned event, giving dream rides for a hospice.


PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:34 pm 
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Chassis: 224
Owners: 1 and now me
Engine: VHPD
Colour: Yellow
Interior: Black Motorsport seats
Mileage 18,000
Purchase Date: 2006
Purchase Price: £18,000

Currently For Sale £149,999,99 ono.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:48 pm 
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Fluffy wrote:

Currently For Sale £149,999,99 ono.

Bargain! 8-)

With less than 150 left in the UK, prices will only keep on going North.

YOLO and all that... ;)

I said to my other half 3 years ago when I sold 'Shrek' to Steve for £26k, that in 10 years time, the car would be worth £100k. I stand by that forecast, so look out for the £100k Exige S1 in 2024!

S1 Elises wot be that far behind either I think!

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