Starting the new 2.0k engine project, pics, part II

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Starting the new 2.0k engine project, pics, part II

Post by vgkracing » Sun Sep 21, 2014 11:35 pm

Dear Guys

Well, as I promised, I have now news about my new 2.0k evo with a longer block.

Besides the block and deck plate that were showed in the first part of this post, now I have the definitive data about this 2.0k Rover engine.

The production of the parts final design is on process and shortly it they will be available for sale.

This is because although the engine is in break-in, the great doubt was if the engine could lose water, oil or it would do the mixture of both.

Of course, this has not happened in 2 experimental units, so although I do not know the power, the engine passed the test and 1 unit was disassembled to check the internal state of the parts and all were well, perfectly.

Displacement 1.996 c.c.
Con rods lenght 145mm
Pistons diameter 82.52mm
Crank 93.3mm
Con rod ratio 1.555/1
Con rods weight 472 grams approx
Piston and piston pin weight 268 grams approx
Piston height less than 37mm

For first time I will to use an F1 pistons design in my engines.

It this because during the past year, at VGKracing we have invested a lot of time and money on R&D for get an even better and more perfect product.

But first, I have to thank two people in particular, part of the new development in our 2.0K engine and although I can not name names, if I can thank of generic form to Renault F1 Engine Department and to California Nascar Engine Department.

With all this support and R & D, we have developed among other parts, a pistons with the implementing these two combined technologies and we have adapted it to our new 2.0K Rover engine, specifically (new skirts, tangs and slipper thickness, total height, etc).

These new pistons, along with the longer con rods will offer us the posibility to climb to over 8600 rpm, it minimizing the breakage risk.

Here a pics (sorry for the pics quality, because it was taken with my mobile phone on the house carpet).

I hope that these news and pics are to your liking.

Many thanks