starting the new 2.0k engine project, pics, part III

Discussion on the K-series engine that powers our car.
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starting the new 2.0k engine project, pics, part III

Post by vgkracing » Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:07 pm

Dear Guys

While we have to wait a bit for the final figures of my new 2L engine, I thought I could post some hopefully interesting infos on the deckplate and the pistons we are now using.

Here the last part that arrived me to new evolution of 2.0k engine.

Sorry for the pic quality.


Regarding the deckplate, a lot of development went into that one. I can't give all the details, but suffice to say that it is far way from a simple gasket or top block projection. As you can see on the picture, we went as far as to machine a complexe 3D part with some refinements to suit the unique K engine sandwich construction. This solution has to be bullet proof as we seek improved reliability while having power levels North of 250hp.

Among a few topics, top care has been given in order to maintain or enhence what was happening around the water flow to cool the critical top of the liners, but also to cool the head gasket and the fire rings. Some hopefully clever circulation is also provided to improve cooling the aera next to the exhaust valves. It can't harm on a standard engine and for sure it is required for our racing application. While at it, why not thinking of it?

Regarding the new piston design, I guess the extreme low weight speaks for itself. Having said that, some refinements went into that design as I was lucky to access some engineers working for F1 and Nascar. Oil retention, lower friction, controlled contact surface, addition of lot of details (various chamfers, controlled rugosity, extreme tapered shape skirt, etc.) allow for a piston being able to exceed 9000 rpm in our application - Should we need it.

Many thanks and I hope that this was interesting to you


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Re: starting the new 2.0k engine project, pics, part III

Post by franckjouve » Thu Dec 25, 2014 7:33 pm

Good job Vicente ! i follow this project with interest ;)

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