Con McL - Very Sad News

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For my first post on in over 3 years, I am afraid I bring very sad news.

Con sadly passed away this morning following complications resulting from a snowboarding accident a few weeks ago. I have personally known Con for over 20 years, throughout University and our Motor Trade careers and if you ever met him, I am sure you will agree, that he was one of the most decent and genuine guys you could ever meet.

My deepest sympathies go out to his family and his wife Beth.

I know Con had many friends amoungst the community, and I thought that you all should know.

We will miss you

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This is such sad sad news. I only spoke to him a week or so ago about ordering a new car...... My sympathies, my condolences. I'll miss you Con.
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Very sad indeed ..
Best wishes to family....
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Sad news, RIP and my condolences to his family :(

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Am shocked to hear what has happened, was having a text conversation with him on monday and all seemed to be going well then.

Likewise, deepest sympathies go to all who know him better than I do. He certainly shall be missed.
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Very Sad News.
Best wishes to his family.
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Sad news indeed.
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Devastated to hear this news.

Con was a true gent in every sense, & a good friend to many on here. He was an honorable & extremely amiable man, with a wicked sense of humour, & was certainly too young for this tragic occurrence.

I, & I'm sure many other exigers will deeply miss seeing Con at our regular trackdays/social get togethers. We will all have very fond memories of our time spent in Con's company both on track & at the curry house - thanks Con for bringing so much pleasure, & so many happy memories into our lives.

Image courtesy of MLOC

At Race Retro in February 2011 - a lovely afternoon spent together talking cars, & of course, the usual "bollox".


RIP buddy

PS Please would Mr Admin make this thread a permanent "sticky" in memory of Con - thanks in advance.

PPS Thanks Giles for posting - I know it was not easy for you. Please pass on condolences to Beth & Con's family, & please keep us posted re funeral arrangements etc.
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Very sad news - loss of a popular, polite, friendly, positive guy

Karen and my thoughts go out to his family and friends.
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Totally shocked ! Such a tragedy. A great loss of a genuine guy and a good friend. Our thoughts go to Beth and Cons family.
You will be sadly missed mate.
Steve, Martin and all the Edwards'
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