Toyota Accused of deceiving customers

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Re: Toyota Accused of deceiving customers

Post by Podger »

[quote=AndyD]Interestingly just had our 6 year old Audi serviced over here .. at a main dealer ( yes I know ..) and they changed all the coil packs ( 6) under warranty without any discussion.

I knew there were issues with these on 4 cyl engines but didnt think about ours on a V6 .. anyhow now I dont have to worry about something I was not worrying about as I didnt know anyway
:crazy: [/quote]

That's interesting , My 3.2 litre TT is due for service , should I mention coil packs? Not heard of that particular issue


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Re: Toyota Accused of deceiving customers

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The coil thing is annoying on all VW's. Used to carry the tools and a couple of spare coils in the boot of my Leon after one went a couple of times, easy enough to get to and replace. Haven't had a problem since the lastest spec ones were fitted around 5 years ago.

More frustratingly, they seem to be an FOC replacement worldwide when any car in a certain model/year range goes into a dealer, right back to '99 ish. Unless you live in Europe!

Unless you mention it at service and specifically ask for it - ring any bells?? ;) Even then its not gauranteed to be replaced FOC.

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