SeriouslyLotus 10% off deal

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I dont know if you have had the email as well but seriouslylotus have a 10% flash sale today and it ends midnight


Here's how it works (please read this bit, it's important and might save you from tearing your hair out).

1. Browse & add items to your basket. The prices you see while you're browsing will be at their regular price at this point.
2. Log into the site - you have to do this or the coupon code will not work (in fact, it will say that the code is invalid). If you don't have an account, you can easily create a new one using the 'Sign up' link at the top of the site.
3. Go to your basket (cart) and now enter the coupon code TOPTEN (no spaces) in the "Discount Codes" box - click "Apply Coupon" and you'll see the discount applied over in the totals box.

10% off items on Non-stocked items still are subject to this discount however normal lead times still apply. Shipping charges may apply and are not subject to this offer (free delivery for mainland UK on orders over £75 still stands). Prices will still show at their regular rate, you need to be a) logged in and b) enter the coupon code TOPTEN (all one word, no spaces) into the "Discount Codes" box on the Shopping Cart page once you have something in your basket. See 'Here's how it works' above. Coupon is valid until midnight today (UK time) Tuesday 10th September 2019.

Seems good to me!
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:thumbup: Good offer Dave
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