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Thinking ahead to next year and the track day season, I have been looking at getting either a 211 or a Caterham Sigma. I am not interested in road use as I would be able to trailer the car to T/D's. Have any of you guys had experience of driving both cars and would like to share your thoughts :thumbup:
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Welcome back!
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I've never driven a 2-11, but I much prefer the driving dynamics on the limit of my K20 Elise which would comfortably be on pace with a 2-11 compared to the Caterham C400 race car I've hired a few times.

That said, I think it's easier to go faster in a Caterham and they are pretty good at skids if that is your thing :)
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The ferrets will be along soon to tell you, both would be good, but those ferrets and the sequential gearboxes are super fast and look the most fun you can have for the money
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Hi Pete, glad to hear your thinking of getting back in a Lotus, I loved my R300 but apart from a couple of trackdays it was mainly used on the road, I'm sure the guys will be along soon who can give you better advice. 2l1's are serious bits of kit and assume they are very quick around the track, Hopefully we will see you next year at Anglesey in your new toy..

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Pete! How's it going :D

Quite simply 10 of us now have track R300's and all of us you probably know mate. Most of us have a lotus or a GT3. I think that should pretty much give you all the advice you need :thumbup: I would not buy a Sigma tho, you will be disappointed in the long run IMO.

If you are interested, Markyb who used to post on here is selling his R300 Sadev and buying a new 420 very soon.

Good to have you back mate :clap:
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I know someone that could potentially be tempted.
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from a ongoing maintenance point of view the Caterham has to be the better option. oem lotus parts have become increasingly more expensive over the years and some difficult to get hold of, try finding a 2-11 aeroscreen...
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Just read all the kind helpful replies 👍

I think you are right Gav regarding replacement parts, price wise and being obtainable for the 211.

I think the R300 with the Sadev would be fantastic Jonny, one of the reasons I thought a Sigma might be good was so that the boys would be able to use the car too. They have now reached the age that it would be affordable to insure, it might be a good car for them to start having driver tuition in. What do you think Mate? It's probably me that really needs the tuition though 😉
By the way how is the family and the weekend football ⚽ going.

Mark I hope you and the family are well too and I presume your Dad is fighting fit and still enjoying his Exige 😁

Thommo great to hear from you I will give you a call for a catch up 👍
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Welcome back Pete, R300 sounds like a blast need to catch up in the new year sometime
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