Exige S1 number one for sale

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The very first Exige S1 is about to be auctioned next month by Silverstone Auctions.
https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds ... ge/9618994

It's the same car that has been tested by Richard Hammond in this video:

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Yep, that's my car.

It was also the Lotus press car and featured on the front page of Evo magazine, AutoCar Magazine and Sportcar Magazine, as well as a few Men + Motors episodes

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Wow, amazed you are selling it!
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I’d say that was a low estimate?
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Did it sell?
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No, Dave will have to confirm however but just under the reserve of £40k I believe.
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(I'm sure I replied to this thread, perhaps it went missing during the server transfer)

But yes, including fees the max bid was £38k. (£39k if bid online). The car wasn't really in the right sale, which was more old-school British cars, and there was little time to preview the car before bidding, and no chance to have a test drive etc.
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I see #001 is now at Lotus Silverstone https://www.lotussilverstone.co.uk/vehi ... xige-U254/

Looks a relative bargain given they also have a silver one in, without the provenance and higher miles, only £2k less :?
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:shock: Priced a bit low given its mileage and provenance
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I keep looking at this car, but the big question is, would you px a V6 for it? Is it as useable and exhilarating?
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