Tastefully Modified S2 Exige For Sale

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Thanks for all the comments guys. I've only done a few miles, but I have to say it feels really special. Each time I took it out it felt like a massive event. Even bumbling along at 30 it feels an awesome place to be. Not the sort of thing you'd drive if you want to go under the radar, but the reaction has been really positive.

It's now away having full body PPF and ceramic coating. It's with @shinesupply_uk if you were at all interested in following via their story on Facebook or Instagram.

As mentioned at the start of the thread the Exige will be going up for sale when I get it back from its service and MOT. If you know of anyone that might be interested, please send them my way.

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That’s not bad as a replacement for the S2 👌
I’ll keep an eye out when I’m out and about for you Will!
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The 675 LT looks nuts. Is it coming to the Exiges track day in May ? Fair play to you, I love it.
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Lovely car Will, congrats :clap:
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Well done Will that's fabulous. Great choice :clap:
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Oh you would say that :D

At the very least it's British :clap:
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Thanks. Hopefully new car will be at Anglesey in May but it wont be out on track. I'll be in a caterham for the day with the Ferrets. Looking forward to it.
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JDS wrote: Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:33 pm

You may have to check with 661 on the number of the beast though!!
Oi, I resemble that remark.

That car of yours is way too cool f'skool..

Absolutely love that.
Lotus don't make a car at the moment that I want. Macca do, but not in a price I can afford.
See you at Anglesey , Cameron and I are in Cats too.
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ooooof will, nice

look forward to seeing it parked up in the ferret parking come anglesey
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