Tastefully Modified S2 Exige For Sale

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It's with a very heavy heart that I've decided that it's time to move on to something different, and hence I'm putting my Exige up for sale.
I won't be a stranger, and still intend coming to the Exiges trackday in May.


The car will be going into Hangar111 this week to have the a few bits and pieces done before the sale, service, MOT, sills tidied up, and I'm going to get the wheels refurb'd so that it's at its best for the new owner. I'll do a proper advert when this is done, and will advertise elsewhere, but thought I'd post here so that people know that its coming available.

Asking price likely to be in the region of £37,500, but will be open to sensible offers that reflect the spec of the car.

Most of you will know the car already, but if not please see this thread with build details.

The car was originally a 2005 S2 touring spec, but has received some modifications, and is an absolutely awesome trackday car. This is not a garage queen but has been looked after irrespective of cost.


Lotus 240R Forged Alloy Wheels
Extended diffuser
Reverie Lotus 211 carbon rear wing
Lightweight engine cover converter to aerocatch mounts.
Halo LED daytime running lights
Carbon access panels
Carbon side pods

Chassis, Suspension and Brakes:
Custom Cages rear roll cage.
Engine bulkhead moved forward
Rose jointed wishbones
Ohlins 46mm GT Spec 2 way dampers
Lotus/AP Racing 4 pot front calipers
Eibach springs
Original Lotus 2 pot calipers moved to rear
315mm Alcon front disks
Performance Friction Brake Pads
Braided brake lines
SSC Uprated Brake Master Cylinder
High camber steering arms
Adjustable front anti roll bar.
Sector 111 rear suspension brace bar.

Radio and Speakers removed
Reverie Carbon Fibre Steering wheel on quick release boss
SPA Oil Temperature and Pressure gauge
Race Technology Dash 4, and DL1 data logging
Lifeline zero 360 fire extinguisher
6 point Schroth race harnesses
Reverie Mulsanne Carbon Seats with custom alcantara padding

Engine and Drive Train:
Sleeved block
Ported and polished head
Race valves
Low compression pistons
Uprated rods
Lightened and balanced crank
Dry sump system
Laminova oil cooling with additional air to oil radiator
50mm triple pass radiator
TVS 1320 supercharger
Charge cooler with front mount radiator
Cold air induction system.
Ecumaster EMU Black engine management
Catch cans
2bular custom exhaust manifold
Tullett custom 3" exhaust system with additional silencer box.
Gearbox uprated (Jubu 3rd, 4th, and final drive)
Celica 190 6th gear
Quaife ATB differential
Gearbox oil cooling via laminova
Odyssey race battery, with external cut off.
Air conditioning removed.

Currently running approx 360hp, and 230lbft.
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As a result, you will also see me posting adverts for variety of spares I've accumulated over the years.

Coming soon:
GT3 front clam
Tillet seat
Carbon doors
Quaife Sequential
Team Dynamics wheels
Race uprights
Extended diffuser
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Wow. Did not see this coming. What a car!
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Amazing car, someone is going to land themselves an exceptionally special vehicle!

So what's next Will. You tempted by a Raging Bull or a Prancing Pony :grin:

I don't drive my machine nearly enough but my lad and I took it for a spin today,..I love that car.
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Thanks guys. I’d love to keep it but need the garage space for whatever comes next. It’s certainly going to be a hard act to follow.

Had the chance to drive a couple of exceptional cars over the weekend. One British, one Italian, but still deciding exactly what to do.

Ben, I don’t think I’m a pony sort of guy, but been looking at most of the alternatives.
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Be careful of cars from Woking, make sure the deals is great if new, or very cheap 2nd hand, the are struggling to sell what they make and are almost, in relative terms, giving them away ;)

Be a great loss not to see this car on future days so I hope the new owner keeps brining it.
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Wonderful car. I’ve enjoyed reading all about the tasteful modifications and seeing it on track👍
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Sensible money and a great car.
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Remember being passed by Will on the way to Anglesey in this, while thinking I was on it! :shock: Epic car, with all the right mods.

I rekon he's buying a 3 cylinder city car and make us all look slow.

Again!! :cry:
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John, I can confirm that the new evo_ufo will certainly be green. :)
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