Suspension Spring Pressure Rates

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Huskydog NZ
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What pressure rates do you run on your S1 front and rear? Whether it be with Nitron, Koni or any other set up you have id be interested to hear please?
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Std mine had 300/350 (52.5/61.3) springs.
After adding the K20 engine I'm running 325/475 (56.9/83.2).
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My Nitron NTR 40s run 425 front and 550 rear, but the suspension is more track biased.

The NTR 40s are more track bias over the SS2, standard Street Series2 are 275/350lbs and NTR40FastRoad are 400/475lbs.

Nitron spring rates go up in 25lbs increments I believe.
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375F/450R on Gaz 1 way Monos; firm but still soft enough for the road.
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