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New kid in town ? Say hello to the massive.. Do you have an Exige ? Looking to buy one ? Sold one or just a fan ?
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Hi all,

Purchased an S1 Exige last month, nautilus blue owned by my friend for the last 12 years who swore he would never sell it!

Well the lure of a V6 Exige finally changed his mind and I nipped in before it went on to the market. Mechanically very sound, cosmetically it needs a little work here and there but it's still a great car. It has a bouncing speedo which needs investigating and I have looked at the threads on here for help, so thanks for that, I think it points me in the right direction for now.

I saw the post about Anglesey track day and wondered if the S1 would get in the way of the V6 mob. I appreciate the car is no longer the track day car of choice and I am no Ayrton Senna but just wondered what the consensus of opinion was before I book?

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Book on! It’s about the fun not the lap times!
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Love that colour!
Exige S1 No: 139
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Ohh, very nice.

More pics please...... :thumbup:
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Great looking S1 Kim.

Get booked for Anglesey the S1 is great fun on track and wont be slow at all.
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Welcome to, beatiful car.
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Hi & welcome :wave: Nice car, I do love Nautilus blue!

I'm sure you'll be very welcome in your S1 at Anglesey (or any Lotus On Track day for that matter). I'll be there in mine so I hope so! :thumbup:

I was there a few years ago and had a blast even amongst some very quick stuff.
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Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

Looks like Anglesey it is then!

Not been there before so should be exciting, hope its dry :shock:

I have a track day at Donington before then to "warm up" and get a feel for it.

Bye for now
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P.S. To Ade.

Hi Ade, re your PM. I could not seem to reply, as a newbie I think it said I am not authorised yet. Might be wrong there, I'm old and not a tech head. :crazy:

Re your question about mileage and price, no big secrets really, I bought the car off a friend and so knew all about the car which was a big plus, mileage was 34K and that's also what we paid . I don't know if that's good or bad but for me, better the devil you know. He said he would never sell it and he had new shocks all round, the big service, new belts, water pump etc 200 miles ago and new tyres not so long ago, so really that was it. We were not looking for another car, we have an S1 Elise, an old Europa and two other Lotus cars as projects! But I have always loved S1 Exiges and my wife has always loved the colour of this car so everything just fell into place. I actually drove this car for a magazine article, a group test of Lotus cars through the years, a 60s Elite up to an Evora about a month before we bought it so I already knew the car was sound and I don't mind the cosmetic stuff which I can do a bit at a time.

The big problem was storage, the Exige has replaced the Elise in these photos asI have I have cleared some space in the "projects garage" but as you can see, it's very tight! :thumbup:

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Thanks for the honest help, what a pair of garages you have! I'm really torn what to do myself, I've run out of space for cars currently.
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