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Exige S2

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:59 am
by pennpromo
So back onto my normal account now.
Just been pondering my Lotus history:

1990-ish Esprit Turbo: silver, black leather; so cool with the radio cassette on the roof !
Always let me down no matter how short the journey!
2001 Elise S1: Norfolk Mustard; totally standard.
2002 Elise 160S, black, black and red alcantara one of the very few pre type approved ones: great little car
2003 Exige S1 190HP, Laser blue, very high mileage bought from 911 Virgins in Slough, temperamental to get warmed up but totally reliable
2004 340R: oh why did I ever sell it !!!
(Probably because it was totally impractical and Westover Lotus in Poole offered me so much for it in part ex for a new Exige that I just got too tempted!)
They used to do track demo days at Castle Combe and that was what sold the S2 Exige to me.
340Rs are worth a fortune now ...
2005 New Exige S2 starlight black, forged alloys, touring spec, kept it for a year or two and then bought a 996 Turbo.
2019 Exige S2, starlight black touring spec, it all comes a full circle!
No idea how long I will keep it ...