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for any non Lotus car talk or projects.
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The Hornet wrote:
Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:24 am

Agree on Owners Cars etc.... should be a good model... there does always seem to be 'guests' on here - but not sure if they are bots
Most are bots - you are correct.
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Exiges has always been an open forum, I would not want it locked down, most agree it is the best form of information on Exiges anywhere and most of this references back to Elises as well. I'd be happy if it was a subset locked down a little, but really see it would make little difference in the long run, nasty people will just sign up to get the information they want anyway.
In days long ago, some of selcoc saw us as "elitists" as it was hard to get membership to post, I'd not want that again by restricting who can see the information on here.
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We ran NYLOC 'open to all' for a few short years and then we closed the doors and kept 3 forums public. It's been like that for over 10 years now. But I think the time is right to open it back up and just have a couple of forums locked down where paid-up members can send info / discuss meeting points / rusty parts bins / crocheting tips or whatever. I don't think it devalues the club and with the rest of social media hoovering up the undesirables I don't think it will need policing very much either (tbf it never did).

It's a little more complex than 'public / private' but having done both I do feel putting content behind a paywall when you want visitors isn't the right way forward.
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I have researched for things on the internet which has shown forums with answers. Sometimes when I click on these forums I need to join to see what I'm after. I then back out and look elsewhere.
For Example, if I was after a back box for my Exige and Google linked me to a forum, which then needed me to register to see it, I would probably look elsewhere.

Its a difficult decision. Id hide members cars, meet ups/track days and non lotus chat to non registered.
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On our local Lotus forum we have an open section consisting of introductions, general chat, monthly pub meetings and cars spotted, we then have a private section which is free where only approved members can see, this has adverts, private chat and private events, just helps keep things a little more controlled.
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