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<Archived> Even supercars have their flaws..
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Do you really think I would waste some 120gbp on shipping both ways, and held back my engine rebuild for 4-6 weeks, just to slag him and get attention?

Why would I damage the pistons myself, when I was in a hurry to carry out the rebuild? Think about it. Have you actually seen those pistons? If not, I suggest you don't jump into conclusions. Those were clearly used and damaged before shipping out to me, as shown in the pics I posted before, with damage distributed randomly over the leading edges that cannot be done during shipping, especially when there's like 10 folds of bubble wrap protection. I admitted I made a stupid mistake to source std factory parts from him, thinking I would save a few quid. I've learnt a lesson to only source parts from reputable suppliers.

I respect your initial decision and bravery to ask SE to build you an engine when he first appeared here, but you kept repeating the wrong point. I suggest you do a search yourself on his first posts (if he hasn't deleted them yet).
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I am aware that he mentioned some over 200 BHP engines, and the owners never posted to confirm.

I can understand some people will never post on the net, after all, you can live easily without any net contact, so never thought twice about it.
But some people (that actually post) would never understand this of course.

So, I believe yes that there are some engines of his with more power than mine out there.
And if not, all the same, he did a good job on mine.

Remember, he's (or was) not an engine builder.

But like you say, let's not argue about this, only time will tell.
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I sincerely hope that progress continues to be made with developing the k - in particular in terms of reliability. It does offer a lot in terms of engine weight, but has been vulnerable to failure for a myriad of reasons. Several developers / builders / drivers have chosen to move on to other powerplants - BernardS and ever Scuffers. I am not yet convinced that the K still has a role to play and the best might results may still be to come - SteveB's engine is making more power than ever before.

SimonE has made the K his passion for his own reasons. DaveA has done masses of work too. Surely in all of this there must be some common ground? Bernard certainly extented and olive branch the other day. I realise that SimonE reacts fairly vehemently to various situations and that lots of angry words have been said. As Sean said, the comments you read on both side are at odds with the Simon Erland I have met and had several hours of conversation with. He has been really helpful with advice and overall understanding of my particular setup. He has never tried to sell me anything. This has been very much in the same spirit as the advice I have had from DVA in the past - helpful, friendly and informative. I owe a huge amount of my understanding and enjoyment of the car and of motorsport to these forums and to many of you.

I really want to continue to learn more about the car, the engines, the setup and I really hope everyone involved thinks for a while of what these forums are about and the common interest we share. Your ideas cannot really be as far apart as they seem. We all know what was said / promised etc etc. Is there any way that this will be put into the past, hands shaken, apologies made and everyone agree to differ where relevant and without animosity? Is it ever too late for that?

The irony is, that despite the seeming "camps of opinion" on the forums, every meet / trackday I attend seems to be a friendly bunch of blokes with a common interest all getting along. No animosity I have seen. Maybe I am in cuckooland here, but I have lived my own life with the idea that life is too short to have enemies and that it takes a lot more energy to be angry than to be happy.

I hope that when SimonE makes his perfect engine (and many people will be really surprised at the huge amount of work he has done on every component) that he is so passionate about, that folks would be happy for him, happy to have more options and not quite so eager to see him fail - In the same way that I was chuffed to hear about Steves engine or some of DVA's recent developments.

I echo Uldis - lets let the argument rest.
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...and not quite so eager to see him fail.
Perhaps I'm being naive but I'd like to think that nobody is really thinking that. They just want the proof, and frustratingly for Simon first he has to build one good engine (well he's over that hurdle), then a few (at which point the industry will say he's doing well but perhaps is just lucky), and finally when there's lots of engines built by him or with his method people are going to say "you know what, he was right". And we'll know when that happens as he'll be copied.

They're also going to enquire about costs, because value is almost always in the equation.

So, am I wrong, is there anybody out there who actually wants him to fail?
I echo Uldis - lets let the argument rest.
Amen to that!
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So, am I wrong, is there anybody out there who actually wants him to fail?
Of course nobody wants him to fail. For the sake of the many K owners out there I want him to succeed. But I will take a bit of convincing that he has.

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I am sorry if anyone felt that my remark about failure was aimed at anyone in particular - it wasn't and with the tone of the last few posts, there clearly is still some goodwill around.Anyway, sorry if I offended there.

Without wanting to speak out of turn, I was also wondering what was taking Simon so long with producing engines. After actually seeing how many key engine components he has been reengineering, I can see why the process has been slow. I also gained a really healthy respect for the work that you technically minded folks do if putting together engines. Huge respect!

I hope Simon also returns with a calmer online approach (No offence meant by that Simon) and lets his forthcoming work do the talking - which it seems is what everyone wants.

Good luck all.
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Those of us that are actually waiting for Simons engines (and I have spoke to all of the 2.0 litre people via telephone or e-mail), don't have a problem with the wait as Simon has kept us all informed as to the current status.

I agree I am chomping at the bit and my new engine can't come soon enough. At Snetterton I was the only car on the grid that wasn't either super charged or turbo charged, let alone only having a rattly old standard vhpd in the back and it was really annoying having everyone just blast away from me down the straights.

I HATE STRAIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the rest of the races this year should be at Brands, at least there I could have a go at the 450BHP Nobles. Now if only I coiuld get them to put another chicane on the main straight!!!!!!
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I would recommend anyone with an interest in K engines,or engines in general to see first hand the work Simon is doing.I have been to see work in progress,and to dicuss various options for my engine many times.Every time I have been totally impressed with what I have seen.
Simon has a passion for these engines and fanatical attention to detail.But most of all he cares,and after dealings with other builders who didn`t give a fcuk after they got paid I have a refreshed belief in the K engine.

p.s. nobody on here has build any previous engine for me
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if Simon's credibility is going to rest on him getting a large number of engines out there, then this will never happen. remember, that his initial objective was to share his opinions and knowldge of the K to demonstrate that it COULD be made pwerful and reliable. this has never been a commercial interest for him, but more a labour of love (or obsession), so he weill never get the numbers out there that other engine builders have. from my understanding of all this and from discussions with him, I bet he wishes someone else, ANYONE else would take the mantle from there and produce these engines following his "recipe".I don't think his issue has ever been that he's the only one who can build a good engine, only that it hasn't been done to the exacting standards that he feels are required. As no-one has shown an interest, he seems to have been left to prove his point on his own....Am I the only one who sees it this way????

furthermore, the whole point about the K being made powerful and reliable has already been proven with the EDL Judd K2000...isn't that proof enough for the non-believers? All this talk about impossible piston speeds etc etc has already been disproven by the mere existence, let alone the success of this engine, hasn't it????

again, maybe i should echo the remarks of others: since none of us that have commissioned Simon to produce these 2.0L engines has an issue with the time, maybe we should all just wait and see.