A loss

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Re: A loss

Post by Dave » Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:59 pm

I don’t know if the global market sees the prices as being too high, I suspect Lotus charge what they think the market will pay. When I was at the factory last year I was told by the tour guide that production was running more or less at full capacity and that every car that came off the line was already sold, with eight out of ten cars going abroad. I suspect that until those markets are pretty much saturated there wouldn’t be a need to review their price structure. Yes they could reduce the cost and they would probably sell more cars in the UK, but why would they do that if they can already sell everything that they can produce.
Mr Pesky wrote:The price of new cars (however excellent they may be) are too high for the markets in which they are pitched. Until that aspect is addressed, it will be a continuing downward spiral into obllivium..As Podger points out, paying Creditors 155 days late is totally unacceptable, so very careful, cast iron guaranteed negotiation with them will be a prerequisite for future survival.

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