[Wanted to Loan or buy] Exige S2 Boot Strut/Catch

Speaks for itself really !
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Hi All, I'm looking at some-point to convert my older twin-strut setup to the newer single strut, as the dual struts have a known issue of pushing the boot lid up.

It seems to be a straight swap of two components:

A128B0044F (Bracket, latch/strut to clamshell, S/C cars)
B122B0086F (Strut, tailgate supporting)

From what I can gather, the bracket is just the same as my 2006 one with an extra bit welded on it... so being a typical Yorkshireman I'm looking to bodge up my own rather than pay Lotus the money (and probably end up waiting years for parts...) so I'm looking to loan that bracket from anyone that may be undergoing a winter refresh or just for whatever reason has a boot latch sat around :) I'd then user the loaner to mock up my own in a DIY fashion. Beer tokens are available in exchange.

(Alternatively if by some miracle you just have one to sell... let me know!)
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