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Sorry if this topic has rotated around before, but I was talking to a Lotus trader who thinks he exported circa 100 S1 Exige to Japan over the years which just felt like a huge number.

I was curious and looked at the “how many left” website for Exige’s based on year of manufacture 2000/2001.

At Q4 2019 the latest review point

74 for 2000
84 for 2001

Q1 2020 has “Exige” at 196 but the description is vague and will include Some S2 aren’t an S or distinct variant model at registration.

I know not all have survived a hedge or race track barrier and wont still be with us, but was surprised by the figures, didn’t realise so many had been exported.
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If my reading of the numbers there is correct, there are around 190-200 total left in the UK, split roughly 50/50 taxed and SORN.

If that's correct, the SORN figures seem higher than I would have expected and don't vary massively through the year. I would have expected to see higher numbers for Q1 & Q4 as they're the colder/wetter periods (assuming this is based on calendar year...), with a noticeable drop in SORN for Q2/Q3, which isn't really the case.

Seems to suggest there are a high proportion of owners simply sitting on them as a possible investment, rather than getting out there and driving them :(

2020 Q1 is probably biased slightly towards SORN due to the impact of Coronavirus mid- to end-quarter.
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There are 6 or 7 in the Netherlands. See 1 of them at rare occasions. The others I never seen. Mine is out almost every weekend. Didn't buy it to only look at. 8-)

Its still RHD :thumbup:
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