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Hi everyone

This is my first proper post on here, I'm finally getting round to installing one of my exige bodies onto my elise.
Ive got a couple sets of wheels for the car and wondering what size tyre everyone is running.

The speedlines which im not going to use just yet will take the 195/50/16 fronts and 225/45/17 rears as per the standard wheel.

the Azev wheels which i plan on using first and a bit wider with a 7.5j front and 9j rear. a quick google search threw up a minimum width of 205 for the fronts and 235 for the rears.

so whats have people run without and significant handling or clearance issues?
will a 205/50/16 front and a 235/45/17 rear fit no problem? or would it be better to drop a side profile ?

Pic of the car below


thanks Dom
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